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Out of every crisis comes the chance to be reborn,
to reconceive ourselves as individuals,
to choose the kinds of change,
that will help us to grow and to fullfill ourselves
more completely.
~Nena O'Neill~

We know that one does not come through a grief unscathed. What we sometimes don't fully recognize is the power we have, after the grief has passed, to choose what we are going to make of ourselves, bereft through we are.

We are tired. We don't want to be held responsible. We are hurt. We want to be taken care of, tenderly, not to be told we have to forge a new beginning.

We have choices to make and, as survivors of crisis, we have new strength, new power--
if we chose to claim them.

It isn't for the moment your are struck
that you need courage,
but for the long uphill climb
back to sanity, faith and security.
~Anne Morrow Lindbergh~

We will need courage and fortitude.
We will need these qualities for a long time as we struggle to regain our footing on a path that has drastically shifted.
We will need courage for the daily walk, and confidence in the goals we have set
-- or reset--
for ourselves
and our country,
now that one of our companions is no longer with us.

 The explosion resulting from the crashing of United Airlines Flight 175 into the South Tower. A huge plume of smoke and fire can be seen emerging from the North Tower to the left. 

">A picture of The Pentagon after it was hit by Flight 77, before the wall collapsed.

How do I move through the pain?
How do I help when I'm so far away?
How can I make a difference?

Reach out your hand to another,
observe their individual rights.

We are a country which has never felt the "chains" of loss-freedom.
Stand tall Americans
be proud of your past, present,
and the new future you are creating as "ONE".
Know what you do today, will last for all those who follow into tomorrow.